Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Search Engine can be improved?

Google is real good search engine. It is able to give real relevant search results. Bing is also quite close. But, one thing is really missing. When we search for something we get results which are completely non relevant. This happens we know.

To filter google offers many operator like "intitle", "inurl" and double quoted or exact match. These are really helpful

I would really appreciate if these major sites provide one more major feature "Categorized search".

If I am a C++ programmer and I am searching for boost then it should show me boost library and not a health drink. For this to happen, these search engines must provide categorized search. I should be able to provide category for search. In this case category can be Computer->Software->Programming. This will ensure I will get results related to programming only.

How to achieve this?
While submitting sites to search engine, they must accept category too. That is which category this site belongs too. This will enable better and relevant search result. This will also enable better add target. When I am searching for BOOST the programming library I will not get adds related to health drink.

On google I get millions of results, but not all are really relevant. I think this will really help to improve and also add revenue.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What makes a successful video game ?

There have been lots of lots of video games in the market. All with different kind of themes. Action, Shooter, strategy and so many to name.

Most of the games have real great graphics, some have very much realistic graphics. But we see not all are getting popular, why?

Games are like movies, only few get real success.


Why we play games?
We want to have entertainment and real entertainment. Games which are able to provide real good entertainment should succeed.

People must get winning feel. Most of the people don't want to try harder. They should win in easier and also feel that it was hard. If games is providing real tough challenges then people feel tired of them. Here, I am not talking of hardcore gamer or winner. Most of the people are average people who want to win for average efforts. Games might thinks of adding difficulty levels like 1-10 and after 8 only they becomes real hard to win. This is just example or suggestion.

More focus should be on entertainment only.

Save Tress Save Earth, suggestion to major web sites

Google is having more than 1 billion page hits.
Yahoo, MSN are also having huge number of visitors everyday.

We can use this fact for some good reason. Google's home is simple and nice. I appeal to them to put this simple message on their home page

"Save Trees, Save Earth"

Or similar message. This message is really really important. Why? I dont think I need to explain that.

I appeal all of the major sites to put such messages on their home pages. I think at least this much the major sites can do.

This earth owes at list this to Google, yahoo, MSN and all other major sites.

Please contribute to this cause.

Monday, January 16, 2012

12 Essential Tips For Doing Business In India

From http://www.businessinsider.com

1. Don't assume things are the same, no matter how 'Americanized' your business partners may be

2. If you expect something to take a week, it'll take a month

3. You're not that important — even if you're the CEO of a Fortune 10 company

4. If you're like most American corporations, you'll choose Delhi for your Indian headquarters

expect to travel all over India to do business

Expect to start and end your day late

7. Prepare for things to change at the last minute

Even though your Indian counterparts may speak English, there are still language barriers

Before booking any trip to India, look at all the religious holiday calendars

10. Address people by their last names

11. Don't go in for a handshake with a woman

12. you don't need the perfect handshake

Hope it helps

Friday, January 13, 2012

How to Stop Credit Card Fraud when Lost or Stolen?

Just a thought how a credit card lost or stolen problems can be resolved.

When you buy any thing and want to pay using credit card, what you do is just swipe it on the machine. There is Zero validation if the credit card really owned by the bearer. Any one who is holding credit card can purchase using credit card which is really sucking for the real owner. We have some cases where this is really caused problem to real owners.

We can not predict when a credit card will be stolen. Even when in Hotels when we pay using credit card we just hand over it to waiter who swipes and gives you slip to sign. He can take photocopies of credit card and do a online transaction. This certainly adds pains in the spot.

Simple way we can add a safety is to use PIN number. We need to make using PIN numbers for every transaction done using Credit card. If 3 times PIN is not entered correctly, credit card should not be BLOCKED it should be suspended for 2 days and after 2 days it should be automatically resumed. If again 3 times PIN is entered incorrectly then only credit card should be blocked.

This is nice way to handle credit card issues. I hope this will be implemented by VISA and Mastercard as soon as possible.

This is not really impossible to implement. No additional cost as such if we think of benefits. If companies really care for customers then must implement this feature. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Stop Smoking?

IF you follow following steps you will be able to stop smoking

1. After smoking every time ask yourself this question

a. What did I got by burning this cigar?
b. What dis I lost by burning this cigar?

be honest to these questions and do not forget to ask yourself

2. If you want to burn cigar then ask yourself... Do I really want to burn now? Right now?

3. Be lazy say yourself and tell yourself, I will burn after 5 mins. And ask same question to yourself after 5 mins

4. Aim here is prolong your desire to smoke. Start will 5 mins every time.

5. Start with 5 mins and then prolong it by 10 then 20 then 50

6. Some day you will be able to prolong for lifetime

7. For this to work you need to be honest with yourself and strictly able to delay by 5 mins. IF you can delay for 5 mins that means you can delay for lifetime too.

8. This is the most important step and if you do not do this then you will not be able to stop smoking. "TRY"

Sunday, January 8, 2012